Cant start automix

How do i start an automix, when i press start he tels me that i need to select songs or a playlist. After trying deferent things and selecting songs he still tels me the same.
I have the djay pro on my ipad pro.
Pls can you help me?

Click the “add music” button
go into the playlist that has your song
press and hold that song
a mini-menu pops up. One of the options is “add to queue”
Add the song to queue. Do this for ANY songs you might want to automix. You can grab entire playlists by simply going in the add music, open the playlist, go to the
more" option, choose “add all to queue”.
After this is done, you then go to “automix”. The “Queue” should show you how many songs you have added. The simple press “start automix”.

That SHOULD do it…

Hi Bram Andriesse,

out of which media pool (a playlist, songs by one interpret, a mixed playlist created by you…) you want your Automix to work with?

Lukas E.

As DJ SureShot said, the Queue is a great way to generate a automix playlist with Spotify and iTunes tracks.
There are several ways to add songs to the Queue, the easiest is sliding the preferred track to the right in the library.

Hope this is helping.

Cheers,Lukas E.

From spotify and from my own music on the ipad pro