Carnt get djay to work with Idj pro on iOS 6.0.1

Hi got a problem I have the numark idj pro with the ipad 3 running latest version of djay. The problem I’m getting is when I plug my ipad in all the controls go messed up carnt play or nothing I tried deleting app and reinstalling but still the same paid a lot of money now it’s not working. My ipad is on iOS 6.0.1

I am having the exact same issue with iday live controller. I’m having to disconnect and reconnect like 10 times. My buddy hasn’t updated his ipad and my controller works fine on his.

Hi Jason,

Can you please make a video recording showing the issue and send it to Thanks.

You know what’s most annoying is the lack of response from the support team, if you showed a bit more urgency in the speed of replies, even if u have no news, just say something like ‘we’ve been looking into it & still have no news…bear with us’ it would just show us that your doing something.

Rant Over :slight_smile:

Hi I have sent a video now of the fault.

Sometimes it does work but have to mess about with the connector taking it in and out which sometimes makes the app freeze. So I have to reboot the ipad.was working fine when I was on iOS 5 but since I updated ipad to 6.0.1 I started to get the fault i updated iOS to 6.1 but still the same.

updated ios to 6.1.2 problem is still there was working fine till ios 6…

Sounds like the same issue that is happening here. Read through this section and sounds like a fix is coming up soon.

I downloaded the Traktor app. it’s garbage compared to djay. read above a fix is on the way.

Same problem here. I’m just using my iPad with no controllers. Worked great until the iOS update. Now it crashes every time I try to load a new track while I’m live in the mix. Please fix.

this is all sort of irrelevant now that traktor is available on the iPad. my Djay app is going to be gathering dust for a while.

having the exact same problem here.

try upgrading the iOS.