CDJ, song graph larger, loop length display and many more

Hi, i’m pro dj more than 5 years already and from september started to use pioneer ergo controoler. Have used all avalibe software, was using serato, but in friday found your djay. Imported all my music library there and tested in huge noghtclubs. I was having more fun playing on your softaware, but there is something that keeps me want back to serato.

  1. CDJ mode.
  2. Key lock, not that stupid synchtonize
  3. When i’m changing pitch band, i see %, this is good but i want to see sometimes bpm too and text must be larger
  4. It was so stupid to put cue points, i had to move jog wheel littlebit to put points
  5. Song graphs must be larger, maybe custom zooming lvl too
  6. Vinyl mode sensitivity, like cdj 1000 have for example

Maybe i will remember more things that makes me angry later, i har only 2 night playing on your software on the big events. If you will sometime include this features in your product it wil be best software for ergo controller, now its not so comfortable

i couldnt agree more! pitch bend buttons too small & too close to pitch slider! also keylock needs to stay on once selected, and its again TOO small and too close to pitch slider, and for crying out loud give us CDJ MODE!!! this is a digital app, so lets see the choice of both vynil and digital interface!