Change curve of line faders in DJay Pro? Different to original DJay

Hi, since moving from the last version of DJay for Mac, version 4. something I think it was, to DJay Pro, i’ve noticed a difference in the way the line/channel faders respond.

With original DJay, the volume change was an even spread through the whole of the fader travel.
With DJay Pro, the travel “decays” very quickly towards the top of the fader, meaning it’s not so even.

This means as I use the channel faders instead of the crossfader for mixing, it’s quite difficult to get an even volume change, a song will just cut too quickly at the top, leaving the bottom of the fader channel almost silent for longer.

Is there a way to change the behaviour of the line/channel faders in DJay Pro, i’d just like them to revert back to the same behaviours as with the original DJay please…


Thanks for the response. However I have the crossfader “disabled”.

I will look later to see if this helps, but i’m assuming the crossfader curve setting you refer to only applys to the crossfader, not the line faders?

It’s the line faders behaviour I wish to change back to how it was in original DJay if possible, not the crossfader as that is “disabled”.


Hi Stu Williams,

have you tried changing the crossfader curve in the djay Pro preferences?
You can find the different curve options via
Preferences… > General > Crossfader Curve

I suggest Cut if you are using Line Faders only instead of the Crossfader, I am DJing like that too.

Lukas E.

Hi Stu,

i see, sorry for the misunderstanding but the Line Fader Curve was not changed by the update.

Can you think of other settings which might have caused this effect?

Cheers,Lukas E.