Change decks' order (from 3124 to 1234)


I don’t know all of them but when configured in 4-channels mode, DJ softwares usually have a common interface with two decks on each side, i.e.:
deck 1 deck 2
deck 3 deck 4

Something I enjoy a lot about djay is the vertical options so the decks are all next to each other, but in a fixed order (3124) which does not suit me completely. Is there an option I can’t find which allows to change the order to 1234?

I would like this option too. When you are in horizontal mode it is not so bad but if you like to view the wave forms vertically it can get kind of confusing as to which goes to which. I think a preferences option would be nice.

Hi minimat,

thank you for your thoughts. At the moment there is no such option to rearrange the 4 deck view.
It would be great if other users could upvote your post in order to push the topic.

Please note that i forwarded your idea internally as well.

Cheers,Lukas E.