Change waveform zoom methodology, add zoom button.

Currently the waveform zoom in when there is deck action back or forward for cueing orplacing hot cues and when there is loop playing. After the action i.e. movement is over or the loop is mode is over the waveform chabges back to show the entire track.

I would like to see a switch button added to change view mode of the waveform from normal with the behavior as it is currently to zoomed. Pressing the button would toggle between the two zoom modes.

Could be done with single button next to the wave.

single-tap: Zoom in (up to 3x)
dbl-tap: Reset Zoom


We’re proud to present djay 2. The new version now contains a waveform view with parallel scrolling waveforms side-by-side.

Sorry, not sure what you mean. Please kindly explain further.

Why not just have one waveform display containing both waves, definitely with a toggle button to change zoom modes?

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