Changing Pitch without Changing Tempo

Hi, i see with that we can change the tempo without changing the tempo but i need the opposite. is it possible to change the pitch without changing the tempo?

I dont see that drop box menu thats the problem.
ipad 3
djay 2

i found it. Default has been changed.
Thanks mate.

Thank you Dysfunk DJ.

Yes it is possible in djay 2. Where you can see the musical key in top right or left just change key with drop down box.

Nice little trick for making samples in different keys. “How low can you go” how low can you go" how low can you go" traktor made this possible also with the remix decks but now we can also remix it up :slight_smile:

Pitch and tempo are almost the same thing and are linked…

An increase in tempo will result in an raise in pitch, and visa-versa.

You can change the KEY of what you are listening to which raises or lowers the pitch (e.g. for vocals etc) without increasing or decreasing tempo (but I don’t think this function is available in Djay 2).

The answer to your question - ‘is it possible to change the pitch without changing the tempo?’ I would say is no. Although I’m not sure i fully understand your question.

I hope this helps? What exactly are you trying to do?

Where is the musical key? My phone does not have this option.