Chinese characters for artist names in djay when pulling from Spotify

Hi Lukas,
I tried the instructions above and it still shows Japanese characters.

Hi Lukas,

I understand that you are at a point where you need Spotify to help correct the issue, but it’s making my system almost unusable until corrected. Could you please keep pressing for an alternate solution for the few of us that this still affects?

Update - Upgrading to MacOS Sierra corrected the Japanese character issue. Not sure why I had to update the OS to get it to correct since it was working fine with my last OS and then all of a sudden changed. But it is now in English.

I saw there was another post for this same issue about two weeks ago. I never changed the language preference. It’s only happening for the artists name. And it’s random, it character for some and English for others. I double checked that my settings were set to English . It’s not happening on Spotify, there is some sort of bug from djay pro when it’s importing from Spotify.

Downloaded Sierra OS for my Mac last night and made sure my preferences were set to English. Opened DJAY PRO this morning and everything is back to normal.

I am having the same problem with the Chinese characters. And its totally annoying! I am also having issues with the MATCH option! And it’s something that really helps when working with new genres! Help!!!

I am having the same problem and unfortunately enough it was in the middle of a gig which made it slightly hard but managed it for the following 3hrs.

Any word yet on why this is happening?

ok. this is a big problem.

I just recently started having this problem as well. Extremely annoying. any solutions yet?

I’m using:
Macbook Pro Retina (Mid 2012)
2.3 GHz Intel Core I7
16 GB DDR3
Intel HD Graphics 4000 1536 MB

I’m pretty sick of it too. Hard to DJ in a foreign language

This did not work for me. Still having the issue. Customer support told me to uninstall and reinstall and that also did not work

They still can’t figure it out. They emailed me telling me they fixed it but it’s not fixed on my side

Having the same problem. Half my library is in Chinese. Very hard to navigate. How do you fix this!?!

Hi Lukas,

I also tried the above method but it wasn’t able to solve the problem

Hi Lukas,

ich habe leider das exakt selbe Problem mit Mavericks 10.9.5 und Djay Pro (aktuellste Version).
Auf meinem anderen Macbook Late 2013 mit Sierra tritt das Problem nicht auf.
Habe jedoch hier ein Mid 2009 Macbook Pro auf dem Mavericks läuft und auch weiterhin laufen soll.
Habe das System bereits neu installiert leider ohne Erfolg.
Es ist ärgerlich, das ihr das Problem nicht in den Griff zu bekommen scheint?!
Wenn man sich hier im Forum umsieht, sieht es ja nicht so aus als ob es ein Einzelfall wäre.
Gibt es evtl. noch einen anderen Lösungsansatz wie das Problem in den Griff zu bekommen ist?

Wäre um Hilfe bzw. eine baldige Lösung in Form eines funktionierenden Workarounds bzw. Patch sehr dankbar.

Gruß Wolfgang