Cleveland Terry Loves Djay Pro but can’t use!!

Hardware compatibility is the weakest link for DJay Pro. I’m fortunate enough to have gear that works perfectly with DJay Pro but I wish I had more controller options. Hopefully Algoriddim has something in the works to address this.


If it’s a case of Algoriddim not having enough staff or resources to do all this mapping, maybe something could be introduced where user mappings could be downloaded from the Algoriddim site after being checked and approved.

Atomix have done this with VirtualDJ for a very long time, where users can upload maps for non native devices, which will be made available for download once they’re confirmed functional.


Excellent observation. I am one of those DJs who use djay Pro as a backup and I would change if they solved these two problems as you rightly say:

Library management
Hardware compatibility

If they then added the possibility of exporting to a USB stick to be able to use it on CDJs it would be like the icing on the cake.


Yepp. The majority of deejays want to just plug in and things just work.


With @Slak_Jaw they have a really great mapper. Just the basics would work for each controller, then the user can learn to map more complexities.


I wrote to him the following and he keeps deleting

“Perfect your craft with your chosen equipment and software. If you’re a hardcore Serato user, embrace it fully. Forget about anything else.

If you’re frustrated with software compatibility in your reviews, consider using compatible hardware for a more accurate evaluation. Challenge yourself to use it exclusively for at least a 3-month period.

Since I started using Djay exclusively on iPad since 2013, I’ve never encountered issues at any event, large or small. The hard adjustment was worth it for what I believe is the future—a natural, fluid touchscreen software. Using iTunes Match for library storage, integrated with iTunes, and now with Apple Music streaming, it works flawlessly across devices. No hardware or software issues. Upgrading any iOS device is simple: sign in to Apple ID, download the library and Djay, sign in, and everything, including playlists and cue points, is there. Works seamlessly with Algoriddim’s recommended list, as simple as plug and play.

Your review is understandable, but it may have some flaws.”


I have not deleted a single post of yours, so let’s not start that rumor. There’s enough untrue rumors about me. :joy: I never delete posts. You are absolutely entitled to your opinion. The video was more than just about me. These are common complaints that I get on my podcast, in videos and on my DMs. I’m not sure what perfecting my controller has to do with the fact that many pieces of equipment either don’t work, or haven’t been updated to work, it’s very frustrating for people who’ve invested in gear. I’m just being their voice. Obviously, the easiest way is just to buy things already approved by djay but new gear comes out all the time and people like upgrading.


That may have been your intention, but there is an awful lot of first person talk in the video. “I can’t” is repeated a lot. “I want”, “I need”, “my equipment” etc.

Even in the preview image at the top of the thread. In big red letters it says “MY problem”.

Something to bear in mind for the future, perhaps?


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Hi everyone,

Thank you so much for sharing your feedback and interest in djay and its hardware integration.

We encourage everyone to keep the community a civil and safe place for communication and collaboration.

Please continue to share your thoughts and opinions in this thread and our community at large so that we can continue to have a better understanding of what our userbase would like to see implemented into djay, specifically on a hardware level, such as the FLX10 and T7 controllers.

Have a great day!


Yeah sure buddy :+1:
There is not such a thing as one controller fits all everything on that video applies to all software.

My technics 1200s don’t work with serato plug and play so that’s why I never liked it and serato has a big problem

I think it would a wise move to implement what’s hot right now and what most folk are using. That way you’re standing on top. Djay pro now I think is the best platform. I’ve pretty much used or certainly tried them all. With 5.1 the Algoriddim team have an opportunity to take advantage. Not sure what the issues are as to why you don’t implement natively more quickly, I am sure you have reasons for it. Just doesn’t make great business sense to me. I know Algoriddim is a relatively small company. Not sure how small but if you have the most cutting edge dj software that has really excelled then surely hardware native compatibility has to be really high priority now. Just my 2 cents. I love djay pro, just wanna see it progress.

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I’m glad some one can agree with this. I’ve been saying this for years if they would fix the small stuff, they would be on top of the world, but they won’t @Cleveland_Terry you are 100% correct.


Rane 4 full compatibility and functionality with stems working off the pads with a slight echo as it fades out like they do in Serato would be nice. .


I would have deleted that comment also… disrespectful

I absolutely love Djay, but sadly I do kind of agree with what’s being said here. The Library could def use some improvement. More importantly though, improved controller support is essential. After all this time the RX2 & 3 is still not supported. 3yrs+ of people begging for P4 screen support?? Until such time as Djay can provide screen support for my P4, I will continue to use VDJ as my main software. I’m kinda glad Cleveland Terry did this video as it feels like us “small time” users are simply ignored. It really highlights what a lot of us have been asking for & need, as well as has the potential to take Djay to an even higher level.


Yes, many of us are still awaiting Roland DJ 707 m integration with DJAY. Overall, this is still the best mobile DJ controller available.


Would be A Dream.

So many would leave Serato.

Love Djay Pro but i will use my Rane Four and not my old Pio

Can we get external drive crate support for us Serato dinosaurs


I saw someone post in the djay pro Facebook group mentioning that they found a way to use the external with Serato crates.