Cleveland Terry Loves Djay Pro but can’t use!!

I absolutely love Djay, but sadly I do kind of agree with what’s being said here. The Library could def use some improvement. More importantly though, improved controller support is essential. After all this time the RX2 & 3 is still not supported. 3yrs+ of people begging for P4 screen support?? Until such time as Djay can provide screen support for my P4, I will continue to use VDJ as my main software. I’m kinda glad Cleveland Terry did this video as it feels like us “small time” users are simply ignored. It really highlights what a lot of us have been asking for & need, as well as has the potential to take Djay to an even higher level.


Yes, many of us are still awaiting Roland DJ 707 m integration with DJAY. Overall, this is still the best mobile DJ controller available.


Would be A Dream.

So many would leave Serato.

Love Djay Pro but i will use my Rane Four and not my old Pio

Can we get external drive crate support for us Serato dinosaurs


I saw someone post in the djay pro Facebook group mentioning that they found a way to use the external with Serato crates.