Compatibility with NS7 2

Numark says ns7 2 it’s a midi controller and Djay says software has midi learn. But…when i connect ns7 2 with Djay , any knob, button i move, nothing happened. its not even called midi learn??? Any help from you, guys ? I don’t really like Serato and i really love Djay, since 2011 i prefer to stick with Djay. If anyone from Algoriddim Staff can help me, i really appreciate this. Thanks.

Hi Rich,

Did you install the drivers for the controller?

Then open “Configure” from the “MIDI” menu to start mapping your controller.

I think I made it this far before. A better question woulds be do I have to configure each function, knob and effect individually? Or is there a bit of a more automated way to do it and get maximum functionality? Thanks.