Compatible Controllers on Windows Beta

is the Pioneer WeGO4 compatible with Djay Pro on the windows platform - PC ? Are all the usual Djay controllers compatible with the Windows version?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey SlimDaynie,

all controllers which are supported by the Mac version of djay Pro are supported for Windows.

Lukas E.

Hey Paul Marijnissen,

at the moment we are not supporting CDJ’s with the Windows beta. But I will keep you posted about news regarding their implementation.

Cheers,Lukas E.

We will keep you posted :slight_smile:

Lukas E.

I’ve got a question for the windows 10 beta-version.

I have 2 CDJ2000NXS connect through USB on my notebook. When Djay starts, the pioneer-logo shows up, but nothing more. I cannot use the 2000NXs as a midi-controller. How i can select the pioneer’s as a midi controller? The NXS are both in midi-controller mode…

btw… djay recognizes the 2 build-in soundcards in Djay, but no controlling…

Thanks Lukas! I will wait for the CDJ-support!

Thanks Lukas - great news - will brush off the Wego 3 this weekend :slight_smile: - Dayne