Connect 2 controllers to iPad lightning

Hi Folks, is there any way to connect two controllers (Reloop Buddy & Mixtour) to an iPad pro (lightning) and use both controls and the Mixtour soundcard while having all devices charged. I only found solutions for USB C so far. Thanks for any input.

@JochenHolst you could try one of these. Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t make a genuine dual USB camera connection kit. So, be warned that some of the knock-offs simply don’t work or are less reliable. I’ve had success and failures with these.

Just don’t buy the cheapest one. Try to find one that states compatibility with your specific device. Ideally try to find one that also states MFi as this integrated chip helps to ensure proper communication with iOS devices.

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Best bet is an official Apple Lightning to USB3 adapter + USB Hub (preferably powered). Plug both controllers into the USB hub. Though as @Slak_Jaw mentioned an MFI certified Lightning adapter is also a good bet.

Tip: iOS uses the last audio interface that was plugged in. So plug in your DJ controller 1st and then the controller you want to use as the audio interface 2nd. Your 1st DJ controller won’t show up as an audio interface but you can still use it to control djay Pro.

Also @Mister_Tuur had some specific steps in this post:

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