Connecting to Numark Mixdeck

How Can i Connect a Numark Mixdeck to Djay for Mac? Just the regular Mixdeck not the Quad.

Hi Adrian,

The Numark Mixdeck is not natively supported but you can use it via MIDI learn.
Select “Configure…” from the “MIDI” menu to start mapping your controller.

Please make sure to download the latest driver for your controller.

This seems to mean that I have to program every button and functions one by one on each channel. This is very time consuming and if it has to be done on every computer I use it make the Djay pro useless for this controller. I liked this program but don’t have the time or energy to configure this Numark Mixdeck. I’m better off using another program for it or change controller. I guess I’ll keep Djay as a backup and not a main midi.

I have a basic midi mapping for the Original mixdeck.

Mind providing it? I REALLY need it! Thanks in advance!