Copying Music Directory and iTunes does not work in Djay Pro!

I have an exact copy of my music folder and an exact copy of my iTunes folder on my second computer and Djay Pro does not recognize ANY of my tracks.

Any help?

Not talking about cloning a hard drive. That would not be the best thing to do WEEKLY before an event to backup your collection.

I am talking about copying over the iTunes folder to the new computer. Even though the new computer has the EXACT same music in the EXACT same location, Djay does not allow the songs to play. It says that the files can’t be found. If you play the songs in itunes, THEN and only then does Djay Pro recognize the songs. This a flaw in the program. Itunes sees them and can play them but DJay Pro can not.

It has something to do with the way it stores the tracks in Day.

This needs fixed right away!

Paul, you should have become one of the beta testers… that’s all I will say. I use it every week and not a single problem.

I respect the process of beta testing, therefore, I am not permitted to speak of any changes. So, you will have to wait and see. However, you would have been a good person to be on the team.

For each clone drive/iTunes folder (I use Carbon Copy Cloner)… you still must let D-Jay Pro “analyze” all the songs. For me with 46,000 plus songs - it takes 24 hours or more.

DJ Pro should recognize the iTunes folder. Do this:

  1. hold down “option” key and start iTunes
  2. Select your new folder
  3. Launce DJ Pro

It should recognize the folder now if you “cloned it correctly”. You can’t just drag n drop as Apple has safeguards to prevent people from just copying in this way other’s iTunes Library. I strongly recommend Carbon Copy Cloner.

Last - in Live performances - I have no confidence w DJ Pro - I use it ONLY for playing the songs - I find if I switch to iTunes or my other music drive - I search in these Apps/Folders - independent of DJ Pro. This proves what I wrote a while back - my method forces the computer to use multi-core. DJ Pro likely was ported from the initial iApp and is designed around single core. When you throw too much at it - it freezes! So I do not use DJ Pro for searching and playing at the same time - it will freeze…

I “Clone” a Drive or a single folder w CCC. My DJ Pro on a separate mac laptop and the cloned drive works. Why do I clone an entire iTunes drive…because I ONLY use AIFF (no mp3) and the file size and 46, 000 songs takes more than 1.7 TB of space in my iTunes folder!

I am a perfectionist. Another thing if SOUND is important is the new Apogee “Groove”…A to D converter. Not to bore folks w theory - but they use Quadrature sampling which is double the Nyqvist rate. Bottom line - The SOUND is perfect…use DJ Pro for the DJ Mixing and use “Groove” in a USB port for Audio to Mains or Mixer.

I guess you are saying Algoroddim has worked out the problems in the latest release? I recall you had similar freeze while search issues in the past?