'Could Not Export Song'

Hi Algoriddim,

I recently recieved my iDJ Pro & did a gig on Sat night with it, The controller is awsome, I really enjoyed playing with it, My mixes were good, The sound quality was better than using the 3.5mm jack, the fx/loops worked great, All in all i’m quite happy, However…I do have a question.

Nothing to do with the controller but when I first set up & loaded a track onto the deck, it said ‘Could Not Export Song’, This caused me great problems, I was nearly screwed as you can imagine, I had no internet at the venue either, so i had to leave my phone playing on automix & go home, delete the app & re-install it, all worked fine after this…WHY would this happen?

Hi Nick,

What kind of a song was it (file type)? Did you update your iOS as well when you reinstalled djay?

I’ve encountered this issue before but only on outdated iOS versions or jailbroken devices.

You could try to re-sync your music library to your iPad.

Does this happen with all your songs?

Id already applied the update when it was first available, also i’d played with iDJ Pro when it arrived last Tuesday, anyway, there were no updates available when i reinstalled djay, the file types are all MP3’s…Very strange & very worrying at the time…

Any further info on this Warren?

Its solved now, I deleted Djay & Re-Downloaded, All is working as should…just worried about it happening again at a live gig…anyway updating to 6.0 tonight…see what happens then.