could someone explain what analyze library does?

I am just wondering what this feature does.

thank you


When you load a song in djay for the first time, the music gets analyzed and djay determines the BPM and song structure.

The analyze library feature allows you to “pre-analyze” your songs without having to load them on a deck.

djay stores it for itself and does not manipulate the tags. FYI: djay for Mac saves its data under ~/Music/djay

Does it write the bpm in the tag or store it somewhere else?

I have just short of 20,000 tunes on my laptop, its not everything I own but it’s a good selection of what I might need.
I decided to analyse my library, it’s taking days! but you can interrupt it and it will recognise previously analysed tracks.
The benefit is that I now have the BPM displayed which is great for mixing and all tracks are pre-analysed so they display almost instantly, which is perfect for last minute changes in tracks.
I’d strongly suggest analysing your playlists and eventually analysing your complete music library overnight.