Covers wont Show on Djay for Mac

is thete any sollution for this issue yet>?

Same issue here. I’ve tried:

  • Restarting my Mac
  • Restarting Finder (killall Finder)
  • Restarting QuickLook (qlmanage -r)
  • Forcing Spotlight to re-index my drive (add drive to System Preferences > Spotlight > Privacy, then remove)
  • Deleting “~/Music/iTunes/Album Artwork/Cache/”, then rebuilding the entire cache by scrolling slowly through my entire Music section in iTunes in grid view (allowing it to read the artwork from each album before continuing to scroll)

Nothing helps. Algoriddim has said it uses QuickLook to display artwork, and to check if the artwork shows up when you preview your songs with QuickLook in the Finder. It doesn’t show up there, either, so I guess this is a bug in OS X itself. That said, I don’t see why Djay can’t just fall back on reading the artwork embedded in the songs themselves (as it does on iOS), because it’s definitely in there.

Same issue on both my Macs:

MacBook Air 2012
MacBook Pro (late 2008)

Problem also existed on 10.8.0 and 10.8.1. The last time I saw it working properly was in OS X 10.7.x (on the MacBook Pro; my Air shipped with 10.8, so it has never worked on that machine).

Same issue here. I have 10.8.2 and have always had an issue since Mountain Lion update on a brand new MacBook Air. None of the artwork is transferring over, even though I have it for iTunes. I have music match turned off and tried toggling vinyl and label display in the ‘view’ menu without any luck. What a mess, I’ve always had a lot of success with this app, until now :frowning:

I have the same problem on a MacBook Pro 2011 with Mountain Lion! What can I do? Have anybody a solution?

Thank you for your feedback. I did your explanation but it won’t work on my MacBook Pro. I have installed OS X 10.8.2!