Crash when analyzing entire library.

Crash while trying to analyze entire library - happens every time and crash report sent.

iMac - 21.5", Late 2012
2.7 GHz, Intel Core i5
8 Gig 1600 MHz DDR3
NVidia GeForce GY 640M 512MB
Samsung, 1TB SSD

Anyone care to acknowledge this show-stopping crash?

(These are the communication issues I am talking about… it’s a CRASH for goodness sake!)

A week with no acknowledgement of a crash…

And we are back to the way things were.

TEN days old and NO acknowledgement from ANYONE!

Anders… what happened? Same old NO COMMUNICATION…

You sure had me fooled!

Agreed… 16 days and not a single acknowledgment.

Something is seriously up with this company. They spend a week replying to all the posts and promise things will get better and then they disappear and post nothing.

I could never run my business that way… but these people do.

NOTHING we say will change what they do.

It happens when I press “analyze”.

ALMOST A MONTH and no fix to a crash!

VDJ would have has this fixed in 24 hours!

How does a company stay in business with a major crash happening for over a month?

Exactly ONE month since this crash was reported… no updates… nothing!

Well, I can’t use it until it’s fixed… how long?

In the future, please realize that WORKING DJ’s like myself, rely on this software to make a living. If you think that a MONTH is okay to wait for you to identify why a crash is happening, you may need to adjust your priorities in fixing your software.

It is unacceptable to think that your customers should have to wait this long for crash fixes and updates.

You have identified the problem, it could be a month or longer for the fix. Again, for those of us who make a living doing this, that is entirely too long.

Please adjust your priorities!

The problem I have is that there is absolutely NO urgency to get anything done. Meanwhile, we are out working with a program that could crash and doesn’t save any settings and can’t display a simple BITRATE in a column so we can see which track to use.

No urgency at all. If a software wasn’t working that enabled them to do THEIR job, they would be just as upset.

Hey guys,

First off, sorry for answering this late. You’re right, 16 days took us way to long to notice this oversight…

About your problem: Thank you for sending the crash report!
A few more questions:

  • Which update of djay are you using?
  • Does this happen once djay starts analyzing or during the process?

We finally identified the problem! We are already working on the fix…
I’ll keep you updated!

This is crazy right! I’ve got the same issue on my iPad and no response from “support”…
Mine crashed shortly after the latest update… I too sent crash logs!

Hi Dj MM,
I cautiously attempted a fix myself after resigning to the fact that these guys are as useless as tits on a bull.
With success!!
Im using the app on ipad in conjuction with the numark controller and my sync source is from my imac.
I hope this helps, so let me know how u go, as its worked for me and hasnt crashed yet (6 days since fix, 20+ startups at least)

Plug in your ipad to your computer.
First backup all tracks to a new folder external from the original library source folder and outside of the music files catergory on your computer. (I put my new folder on the desktop)
Delete all duplicates and playlists.
Convert all of your music to mp3. I know the quality isnt the greatest, but its easily recognised by the app, and there have been references to it struggling with certain formats.
Rename your music exluding the option of catergorising tracks into album/title/artist/song…

My tracks now look like this

e.g. Craig hamilton - they cant dance

This is an incredibly labourious task with a large library of tracks, so maybe just start with what you need to test it out and/or get you back to work.

Delete the app.
Re-install the app.
Add the folder of tracks to itunes and analyze them.
Sync them back into your ipad.

Hop on one leg.
Whistle your national anthem and cross your fingers.
(Im sure thats all the developers have been doing all along, so might as well give it a go…)

This worked for me, i hope it helps you, and anyone else stuck with library freeze and crash issues.

Let me know how u go friends…
Good luck!!


Btw… you have to disable spotify as well, as there are plenty of references to it causing library crash issues…

Totally agree.
If algoriddims customer payment software they rely on crashed for over a month, and they recieved ‘support’ responses to the tune of
“we are working on it”
"please be patient…:
"does it crash when turned off?

my personal favourite

(tumbleweed rolls across screen followed by cloud of dust)

There would be an expectation of an immediate fix by proffessional tekkies and apple eating monkeys within 24 hours of the first incident.

I understand that proffessional tekkies are
hard to come by, but we havnt seen any real gains by the monkeys yet, so it might be time to send them to the circus and get this sorted out once and for all.

Too many paying customers, and not enough consideration afforded to them.

‘Working’ App score : 8.5
‘Not working’ App scote : -100 000 000
Customer sevice : N/A
(only applicable when provided)
Versatility : Very. Does nothing at all…
Then can do twice as much as nothing with each day that passes.
Highly reccommend for amatures.
aged 4 - 7
Lack of support may cause choking in paying customers
supervise at all times.

(tumbleweed rolls back across screen, followed by a dawdling, flea bitten mule)

Well, thats my take on it anyways…
Good luck with the monkeys guys!