Creating and saving mix sets

I am wondering if there is a chance to save a mix set so that I can still work on a mix of two albums/tracks at a later point of time. I am thinking of having a ( + ) icon where the record button is so that I can create several tabs with different album mix combinations. If I swipe with three fingers over the screen, I can jump back and forth between the different mix sets.

Currently, if I re-open the app itself, the app no longer remembers the previously selected tracks.

Hey Yorh,
There’s a History button.
You can rename the date.
And add all songs to Queue.
If you’re talking about Recording.
You can also rename Recordings.

Hi Yorh,'im not exactly sure what you’re trying to say, but your history will have a detailed list of tracks.
You can rename that History too.

Those are not albums, they are album covers.
I don’t own many albums, mostly Singles.
If you look closely, you’ll notice “7 songs”.

Is there any chance of being able to “edit” a “history play list”? Not just delete it but actually edit it like you can do in Apple Music on the iPad! I mean deleting a song in the list, or changing a song position in the list!?

That would be cool thx!

Thanks … however, I do not get the idea. I open the djpro app, I choose two tracks and then I see what happens … In most cases, I have no idea what I am mixing together and I do not think before I choose albums … it’s more or less trial and error to find out which part of which track is making a match … I was thinking of something like this … it’s like pressing the “Rec” button in djpro in the middle top bar in order to save the matching tracks without even recording …

This interface deign is showing my list of recordings and the tracks I have been using without creating separate playlists nor writing it down on a piece of paper to remember what I have created more or less by “accident” …

I have no idea how you have managed to come to the screen above. I am more Steve Jobs and less Cooking.

I see a list of 7 albums just like in the Music app, but the presented information gives me no details about album combinations. (Possible experiences I have made by learning by doing.)

I’m not a professional DJ or whatsoever. I can only explain it from my point of view and based on my own experiences.

  1. You start with one track
  2. You search and choose a second track which matches to the first one
    3.You search and choose a third track which matches to the second one
    4.You search and choose a fourth track which matches to the third one
    and so on … to create a long DJ mix

In the end, you browse through many different albums and single tracks to find the right matches to create a chronological list of tracks. This said it would be a good idea if there is some kind of ( + ) button while browsing and hearing through different tracks which I can add to a so-called DJ jam session track list.

" One more thing "

If developers invent some kind of user interface where I see the saved track list with album covers in a top or bottom album/track bar. While making a recording session I just drag and drop the cover onto one of the turntables and the tempo will automatically be adjusted to the remaining track and the added track will smoothly “fade in”.

And if I could re-arrange the covers via drag&drop in the top or bottom jam session navigation bar just like moving icons in the OS X Dock … that would be super cool.

Since the jam session navigation bar is not necessarily visible during the entire recording session it would be cool if I could show and hide the track cover bar.