Crossfader is acting up...

The crossfader is very jumpy after using the program for 2 hours or more. Never stay completely to one side or the other. Jumps around.

I would report this on the beta but it expired and we haven’t had a new beta or any improvements in MONTHS.

Guys, this is not algoriddim’s fault. Your crossfader is just dirty or failing… known issue on most mixers with mid/low-end quality faders or not well maintained ones. I found that mine actually needed just some air cleaning.

If you don’t believe me, map your mixer’s fader to another DJing software and you’ll notice the same issue appears…

NO REPLY for 12 days! It’s just like the old days when we have issues and they are not addressed.

My crossfader is jumping all over the place and I need some help.

Please stop ignoring problem posts. I would post it on the beta forums but the last beta ran out and there is no way to report it.

Needs fixed!

When playing a track and the cross fader is either to the left or to the right, it becomes jumpy. No clue if it is affecting the sound because it only jumps a very small amount.

If we had a BETA FORUM I could show you in a video of it happening but it’s been since MAY that we had our last beta and we can no longer post to it since the beta has expired.

I load tracks using a mouse and drag & drop.

This only happens when the Denon DN-MC6000 MKII is attachaced and I have been playing for a while.

Same situation when parts of the GUI disappear.

Hi there,

sorry for the delayed reply. 
It would be great to isolate the problem.
Is the crossfader getting jumpy if a controller is being connected?
Is the problem affecting the audio output or is it a graphical error?

Thank you for the follow up information, we are doing our best in order to find out the root of the problem.

Lukas E.

Thank you for the reply. 
Could you tell us how you usually load a track (mouse, trackpad, keyboard shortcut, controller…).
That would be helpful to reproduce your issue.

Lukas E.

I’m having the same issue with crossfader trying to cut & scratch. I have a iPad 2 and after about 30-45 mintues to an hour, crossfader will act up by jumping out of place affecting the sound coming out. Can’t preform scratch when this happens!

Ok note taken and will try cleaning controller… Thanks!

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