Crossfader Not Working Properly on VMS2

So, I bought djay for Mac and was super excited until I found out that my VMS2 actually wasn’t supported. But, no problem, I’ll just spend a full day mapping it. Seriously, no problem. Everything worked fine… until I started working with the crossfader.

It’s the weirdest thing. On Table 1 (Crossfader to the left) everything is fine. I load a song on Table 2, get it ready. Start the manual crossfade, and it seems to work until I get all the way over to the right for Table 2, and suddenly I lose Table 2 audio altogether and Table 1 is full blast.

Any thoughts?

I had the same problem. The only way to get around this (unless someone has another idea) is to give up on the notion of using VMS2 as your main audio output. You can control the software with no problems using the VMS2, but the audio out has to be set to the Mac’s built in audio. I have found no way at all to get the VMS2’s audio output to work properly with DJAY.

Hi James,

What is your Devices setup? Please open “Preferences” from the “djay” menu and go to “Devices”.

Does this happen in the main or pre-cueing output?

I’m really not sure how to answer this. Partly because I’m still a little confused by the main and pre-cueing channel idea. I’d like to try a screencast of the problem, but I am swamped with work.
Thanks for responding and I will keep attention here, and I am certain we can fix the problem. I know many DJ’s in my area that use the VMS and are unhappy with most aspects of Virtual DJ, and I try to sing the praises of algoriddim (because on iPad, it’s a dream), but I really would like to see built in support of the American Audio VMS series controllers from you guys. Setting up the device has been very time consuming to not yet be right.

Hi James did you ever get the VMS2 to map with djay or did you dump it like many others? I f you did would you willing to share your settings?