Crossfading problems!!!!

Okay, I am a new user on the dj app for iPad 2. There are three things I notice that is wrong.

  1. The cross fader always point away from the turntable that it needs to be at. Left turntable is playing but screen shows right. Even with the invert crossfader mode on/off. No change is noticed.

  2. I cannot cue mulitple points on the song. Any help here?

  3. When I have split output on, i see inconsistencies in how the songs are played. Left turntable versus right play. I cannot hear audio on my headphones for the turntable i want, even when i show the right one as the one i want, it will not play, or play the left one. Very annoying.

Any help??

Hi Ravi,

Did you receive the email I sent you via our help desk?

Have you tried switching the cables connected to your split cable? If this doesn’t help, please kindly make a video recording of the problem so we can see exactly what is going on.

Sorry I forgot to mention that I am using the Numark mixer connected to the iPad2, with the dj app. I do all the mixing on the numark, using dj.