Cue points list

Hi everyone,
I ́m pretty sure you will tell me this might not be the best way to set your own cue points. But I was wondering if there is a list/website available on which you can find typical cue point spots for different songs.
I just want to use it as starting point so I can then modify my own points but of course this would save a lot of initial setup time.

Appreciate any suggestions

What kind of music you playing?

I dont know any lists or websites that will give you cue information but i’m happy to share how I quickly drop some cues on that type of music … its usually simiilar as that kind of music is quite structured and you are usually looking for cues to help you transition.

1st cue is first beat of the first phase. Is is not always the first beat as some songs have a few beats or a bar as intro eg Bad by Michael Jackson.

2nd Cue point i put where the vocals start. This is so you can see how much intro you have for the transition.

3rd and 4th cue points 64 and 32 beats (16 and 8 bars) before the end … most house or chart stuff has two phrases at the end where you can start the transition and its worth knowing where those start.

Addtional cue points for breakdowns or breaks … these are also worth marking as they can make good transition points. You can often spot these by looking at the waveform.

These are just a guide and you need to verify the cues make sense by listening

One last hint … I always use the same colour cue for these various types then i can see quickly where i can work with a song.

House / Charts