Cue points vanished iOs

I had a large number of cue points for a couple sets I prepped over the span of about three weeks.

All cue point data for those tracks disappeared. I’m not sure of the cause. Here is a list of things that have happened in the span of time since i last used Djay Pro and had those cue points (iPad app only, I don’t have a Mac).

  1. I updated iOs (pushed updates, I wasn’t on a really old iOs to begin with)
  2. I opened up Djay 2 on my phone and Djay Pro on my other iPad (I have them all set to sync cloud settings)
  3. I connected to iTunes to add a few more tracks, but also added some new playlists that contain tracks already on the iPad (in an effort to organize the tracks within Djay Pro)

Is there anyway for me to restore this data? If not is there any way for me to prevent data loss again (perhaps someway to export to a file), or am i better off just using my laptop and traktor or virt dj?

No I’m afraid not. Luckily as of yet I haven’t had a repeat of the same problem. But I also haven’t opened djay2 … Frankly I’m scared to. In fact I deleted it from my iPad just to be on the safe side, will likely do the same on my iPhone, and will likely delete day2 and pro from my other iPad. I can’t afford to have cue points overwritten again.

I have done item 1 and 3 (from my 1st post) again since this incident without a problem.

Wish someone from algorriddum could mess around with a few iPads and day 2/ day pro and duplicate the problem and get to the bottom of it… But alas I will not be the Guinea pig for you guys as I have too many hours worth of cue point setting to lose, and therefore prepared sets.

Alternatively if you guys gave the app some sort of manual backup/restore button to augment iCloud backups then if this happened again I’d have the ability to correct the apps mistakes.

Hi Roy Larouche,

we are very sorry to hear that. Is it possible that you changed your Apple ID in the meantime?

Thank you in advance.
Lukas E.