Currently Playing Track...Show in Browser??

So sometimes a cool track is playing I didn’t even know I had. And I’d like to mark it somehow (rating, whatever) in the browser.

Sure I could look find it by typing the name into the search bar, picking it, then rating it, but please please tell me there’s a way to Show-What is -Currently Playing In Browser.

I know there’s checks next to songs that have already been played but if a playlist is 500 tracks, doesn’t help much. plus, probably find song faster in search bar.

LIke on iTunes, when songs play you can’t always see the track so you can rate it/Love it, whatever, but if you press CMD+L it goes right to the track, very handy for marking tracks.

Anywayy, Thanks!

Hey Johnny, 

thank you for pointing this idea out. We will take this into account for later updates of the media library and will let you know if there are news.