'Date Added' sorting option for Tidal in iOS & Windows apps

Please add the ‘DATE ADDED’ sorting option for tidal in your iOS & Windows apps. Long playlists are a mess without and we can not find new tracks that we add into our playlists. This is a sorting feature that is supported by tidal.

It should be such a minor update work for you but such a great help for us.

Thank you in advance.

This sort option has been missing since the days of Spotify integration and would have been useful with that. Would like to see it with SoundCloud as well.


Me too. As a workaround, you have to date sort the playlist in Tidal before. Then close and restart DJ app.

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Can you please vote for this guys?
It is only a minor update for Algoriddim,
Lets make it noticable.

I would like to vote, but the weird limiting voting system on this forum does not allow it!

Thank you all for pushing the topic. We are checking in on adding a Date added and will keep you posted.


Thank you Lukas!

Please let us know if you will intergrade it soon :slight_smile:

Hey Lukas… any news for us?

I know it’s rare to use iTunes.
But if anyone out there uses iTunes to sync music in a HD or Mac HD, iTunes can sort by Date Added. After syncing device. Your list will follow iTunes on iOS.

We really hope Lukas and the team will get this feature in the next update as our Tidal playlists are still chaotic in our ipads. The workaround for sorting the playlists in Tidal before and then close and restart the DJ app will not work for iPads. We, Tidal and Soundcloud users hope/want to be able to use DJ again soon…

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