Ddj sb2 windows 10 got the controller working no headphone sound

It. Took me awhile to research how to get my ddj sb2 recognized by my laptop, but I solved it. Now I get audio from the controllers rca out but nothing from the headphones. I have another audio usb control but it won’t put out sound as long as the ddj sb2 is connected. My questions are.
Can I get the headphones to work directly out of the ddj sb2?
Can I use my audiobox usb 96 for my audio out instead of the ddj sb2 audio?

Hey Aaron,

glad to hear that you found a solution for that.

Regarding the audiobox usb 96, do you want to use two audio devices at the same time? 
Do you want to use the audiobox usb 96 only for the Master?

And do you want to use the audiobox for Pre Cueing too?

OK, so I figured out the answer to the first question. Basically, I was in external controller mode and I got frustrated trying to figure out how the midi values work. Then I gave up and switched it back to internal control and everything works perfect. I my initial problem was that the ddj sb2 was not being recognized by my PC but I found a tutorial on the serato website that instructed me to create a registry. Here’s the link in case you’re having the same problem. https://support.serato.com/hc/en-us/a…. As for my second question I’ll try to figure that out too.

Yes, I would prefer the usb 96 as the master out because it uses 1/4 instead of rca.