DDJ-SX Integration is Awesome!

Thanks for including the DDJ-SX and DDJ-SX 2 as a natively supported controller - it works flawlessly and is really pushing the program into the pro DJ realm

did you test also the DDJ-SX 2 or only the DDJ-SX?
Thank you!

Thank you for your reply.
I thinking to buy a SX-1 or an SX2.
Once you will have tested both, can you be so kind to let me know your evaluation and if the extra money for the SX-2 is worth?
Thanks and kind regards!

Dear Friends,

I am to buy a 4-channel “PRO level” solution that integrates 100% with djay PRO (Algoriddim).

Let me know from you which of the following setup do you prefer and why? (always with djay PRO native integration in mind)

a) a pair of new Pioneer XDJ’s (1000 or 700) + any Pioneer DJM (mixer)
b) Pioneer XDJ-RX all-iin-one controller
c) Pioneer CDJ900NXS + DJM900NXS (nexus)
d) one of Pioneer controllers (DDJ-SX, SX2, SZ, etc).

Note: I don’t use CD’s anymore (they’re all in my itunes library as m4a.)
I’m not a scrathing DJ kind: play mostly hard-rock and/or 70’s, 80’s - sometimes house music (chicago, deep or tribal) and lounge.


Thanks Dave. Only now, I am seeing your reply.

How is jog sensitivity and scratch sound? Is it equivalent to ddj sx (2) with serato dj?

If you have time for a video that would be great. I’m not a turntablist but i do use a couple a scratches in my set, mainly baby scratch to bring in new songs. I play hip hop and rnb and learned on turntables so my workkflow is more of me using the platters. I’ve noticed that my friends pioneer cdj 2000 nexus scratch sound is great with djay pro, but i’m not trying to shell out that kind of money if ddj sx (2) sounds just as good. Anyways, all of your incite is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Look like your right Deejay Dave. Thanks.

I’ve only tried the DDJ-SX 2, but have an SX-1 that will try it out on this weekend.

Jog wheels felt really good. You can also adjust the sensitivity of it manually in the midi menu. I am not a huge “Scratch” DJ, but seems like it would work.

I’ll try to pull out the SX tonight and answer some questions and maybe put up a video if I have time.

As an FYI - you also modify/custom map these controllers (which is what I did before it was native) and have used them on gigs. It was just took awhile to get all the mappings right, but it is pretty easy to edit and adjust the mapping and jog wheel sensitivity.


I own the DDJ-SX and have used the SX2 and they both work perfectly. The DDj-SZ is also supported natively so that would work too.

Go to the “hardware support” page, and you can see which controllers are supported natively: https://www.algoriddim.com/hardware.

I think a few controllers you listed are not on there. If that is the case, you would need to midi map the controller, which while it is doable, I’d recommend getting one with native support.

personally, I prefer the all in one controllers, and if I were to purchase again that is the route I would go, but really you could make great music on any of the natively listed options.

It will sound the same. The scratch algorithm for Djay is seemingly a calculated algorithm and not 100% based off of actual resolution (or ticks) as other software is. As a matter of fact the scratch or play position does not even 100% correspond with the movement of the actual physical platter. Still works great and sounds amazing though.