DDJ-WeGo stopped working during set

Been using ipad2 while my laptop is being fixed and been great for the past 3 weekends but what happened was i touched the wav form at the top of the deck to basically forward the track to a breakdown but as soon as i done that the controller all of a sudden stopped working?!

Luckily i was playing R&B at the time so it was just a case of start stop via the ipad but if i was playing house music this would have been a problem…

The soundcard still worked - just the whole controller just did nothing no matter what i touched?!

Anyone else has this problem? obviously i think turning the controller off and on would have fixed my problem but i cant do that mid way through a set… was final hour in the club so i got away with it…

Any ideas how to fix this from happening again?

Hi Craig,

Sorry to hear that.

When this happened, were you still able to control djay using the on-screen controls?

This sounds like a hardware problem. Please kindly contact Pioneer support and keep me posted.

Have you tried using your WeGo with another app on your iPad?

Having the correct firmware version does not rule out that there’s a problem with your hardware. If there was a general issue between our software and the WeGo controller, then I believe a lot of other people would’ve contacted us by now.

And as you mentioned yourself, the app was still fully functional.

Did you perhaps toggle one of the “deck switch” buttons (C/D)?

Ok, please keep us posted.

What kind of changes are you looking for?

On Saturday night.
Yeah the controls on the IPad worked ok just the controller stopped functioning, the soubdcard was ok so didn’t actually stop the music but couldn’t use the controller to “mix” or select a track etc all had to be done via iPad

I contacted them already and they confirmed that im on the right firmware version and that they said it was issue with the app. Never had this problem at all till started using the App.

Also can you confirm if there is another update due to be released for the app any time soon?

I thought that but the yellow light wasnt on for decks C/D so wasnt that. Turning the controller off and on did fix the issue but couldnt test this till the end of the night so i know the problem isnt there now.
I will try and re-create the problem next week to see exactly what i done.

Do you know if you are making changes to the library of the app any time soon by the way?