DDJ-WEGO with iPhone?

If I have the WeCai cables and a DDJ-WEGO will that work with my iPhone 5S? (or is it only iPad supported)

The crucial thing here is the “Camera Adapter” from Apple. If that works with your iPhone 5s then you’ll be able to use the WeGo with your iPhone.

I’ve heard that the Camera Adapter is now supported in iPhone 5S as well, but I recommend asking Apple Support directly to make sure.

What you mean by limitations? It should work just like with djay 2 for iPad.

The camera adapter is supposed to work with the iPhone 5S.
What I meant with my equation was more like, is there any limitations of the djay iPhone app?

Ok thanks Warren,
That answers my question.
You can still write a program differently and allow it work with different hardware even though it’s the same companies involved.