Deactivate Crossfader? (Annoying also at Automix)

Is there a way to deactivate the crossfader. At automix it is really annoying when the hardware fader is in other position then in the software.
Also at mixing i dont like to have the crossfader. I want to mix only with the line faders. Sometimes i touch to the crossfader and destroy the mix…

Hey Moritz Gräßler,

while the Automix is active an active Crossfader is necessary but while DJing you can turn the Crossfader off by changing the Crossfader settings of your controller (if supported) or going to the 4 deck mode and setting the channels to “Thru”.

Lukas E.

Hi Lukas,

What about the iPad Pro using the WeeGo 4, there is no way to deactivate crossfader. I hope for the next update Algoriddim add this option for Djay Pro.

Never mind Just found it.
Under iPad Pro Settings, Djay Pro, Midi, crossfader cutting mode.