Denon Prime 2 or 4

Someone mapped the Denon Prime 2 or 4 I can’t get the jogs to work.

The Denon Prime 2 and 4 are currently not supported by djay. I added your vote to our issue tracking system and it would be great to hear other users thoughts about the topic.

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Too bad because I managed to map almost everything except the jogs, it was convenient for me to continue using your videomixing software.


It would be nice to support the hardware. We users need new hardware that is up to date. The Reloop Buddy can only do so much.

Are you able to share the Midi Map you did for the Prime 4?

Would be real cool if you could be our hero!

:mega: Hi there, We wanted to let you know that native support for the Denon Prime 4 has been added in the latest version of djay Pro AI for Mac (version 3.1.4) and djay Pro AI on iOS (3.7.6).

Please note, however, that the main screen is currently not supported.

Thanks to all of you for your patience. Happy mixing! :headphones:

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Let’s say, however, that almost all keys, including Jongs, do not work

Has anyone tried using Denon Prime 4 as controller with Djay Pro AI to see how good/bad the mapping of controls are? Are Neural Mix faders mapped to the EQ bands or somewhere else? Any chance of getting the screen working like Serato does in a future update?

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Hey Emily,

When will the Denon Prime 4 screen be supported for Djay Pro AI? If Serato and Virtual DJ software can support the Prime 4’s touchscreen why can’t Djay Pro? Are you working on it or don’t want to pay Denon DJ for the license to do so?

Hi @Jason_Corbin,

Thanks for reaching out about this. And sorry that you didn’t get a response to your previous post!

Regarding main screen support on the Denon Prime 4, this isn’t something I can provide a timeline for unfortunately. Our team is aware of the interest in this, and we’re looking into this for future developments.

You also asked about the Neural Mix controls in your previous post. If you haven’t already discovered this on the Denon Prime 4, I just wanted to share that you can easily assign them to the EQ controls on the hardware by switching to Neural Mix EQs in the EQ mixer panel in the djay software. When you first open the EQ mixer panel in the app, you’ll see your High, Mid, and Low controls for each deck. After you switch to Neural Mix EQ in the drop-down menu, you’ll see an immediate change to the knobs to Vocals, Harmonics, and Drums controls for each deck. This change will automatically translate to the hardware as well.

Please let me know if you have any other questions. I’m happy to help.

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Thank you Emily for your response and explanation of the neural mix EQ midi

Have my fingers crossed that your software development team will support
the Prime 4 screen or Engine OS will add video support to the Prime 4
software so VJ’s like me have a way to use that gear for our workflows and
for easier live performance.

Thanks and have a great day!

Jace Corbin
Adventure Entertainment
(702) 510-6537

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Hi Jason
Am also thinking to buy Denon prime 4.
Could you kindly give an update if everything is working fine? Any update on the screen usability from Algorittim?

Hi Emily
As Jason posted as well,
Am also waiting as well an update for Denon prime 4 for its screen usability as Denon prime 4 seems the most professional controller and the only advanced one on the market to use with Djay OS.
Please keep us updated on this matter.

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Hi there,

I’ve connected my PRIME 4 to my Mac via a USB converter into a type C (in you get me). But the software won’t recognise it as a device at all :frowning: I doubt it’s anything to do with the connection as I used my previously controller like this too.

I’ve re downloaded DJAY and no luck

Any help please?!

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @Jamie_Parsons,

Apologies for the delayed reply here. Are you still encountering this issue with djay not recognizing the PRIME 4 when you connect it?

If so, just to be sure I have a full picture of the issue, could you please tell me the following:

  1. What djay version are you currently using on Mac? Is it the latest djay Pro AI version? Do you have an active PRO subscription?
  2. What macOS version are you running?
  3. Could you share a photo of your connection so we can take a closer look at the cables/adapters you’re using?
  4. Does your Mac recognize the connection with the PRIME 4?
  5. Is there any indication at all of djay recognizing that hardware is connected (e.g., any pop-up messages in the app)?

Thanks in advance for the additional information.

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