Determine Loop Length Without Sight

I was very pleased to see Algoriddim recognized by Apple for their work to make DJay accessible to blind users through Voiceover. However, there are still many features of the app that are impossible without vision.

Here is one of the easiest: currently there is no way of checking how long your autoloop is set to without playing the track. if you wanted to change the loop length during a track for instance, you might set it too long or short by mistake and only know when you completely flub the mix and everybody laughs at you and you are kicked out of the club in disgrace. There are several possible solutions for this:

  1. Changing the loop could play a tone of a different pitch depending on how long your loop is, for example a higher-pitched tone for a short loop and a lower-pitched tone for a longer one.

  2. Voiceover could be configured to announce loop length when it changes.

  3. A keystroke could be added to announce the length of the loop for each deck.

Any other insights the development team may have would be appreciated as well. Thanks for all the hard work you do, and I look forward to seeing more accessibility improvements in future DJay releases.

There is actually no feedback either when pressing the autoloop button or the double / half buttons. Double and half are the only ones I considered, but having that feedback for the main autoloop button could be a good idea as well.

Did it show you visually, or did it speak through voiceover? I haven’t found a way to make Voiceover read that information. I have been using A and L to start the autoloop.

Aha, I am using DJay Pro with the mac. I don’t get feedback using the mac keyboard or my controller (Vestax Spin if it matters). Perhaps that is the issue.

Hi Andrew Johnson,

thank you for your post and your nice feedback.
The Autoloop feature at each deck is telling which loop length is being selected at the moment, but you want the Double and Half Loop buttons to tell you after using them which loop length is selected right now, am I right?

Thank you for the follow up.

Lukas E.

Hi Andrew,

the main Autoloop button i checked told me the loop length, can you tell us to which button you are referring?

Lukas E.

The information was spoken through voiceover. One question though, are you using djay Pro for iOS with an external keyboard?

Thank you for that information.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hi Andrew,

thank you for the follow up. djay Pro for the Mac is not in depth mapped to work with VoiceOver. We added full VoiceOver accessibility to the iOS version. I now get your problem and was able to reproduce it. 

I will add your thread as a user request for an in-detail VoiceOver integration for djay Pro for the Mac.

Thank you for pointing that out.

Cheers,Lukas E.