Device preferences for two Decks + External mixer

Hi, I’m wondering how i should put my device preferences for my two pioneer cdj-350 decks and my external pioneer djm-3000 mixer. I tried but I couldn’t seem to get everything working together on my Mac. I’m a beginner so any help would be great, TIA!

Hi Hugo,

thank you for your post. Can you tell us at which step you can not proceed? Have you connected your CDJ’S via Midi to your Mac and the RCA cables with your external mixer?

Lukas E.

Hi Hugo,

thank you for your follow up. That sounds like you set up both cdj’s to the same deck. After connecting the two cdi’s please press the Laptop button and select deck 1 with one and deck 2 with the other cdj. Regarding your mixer, have you installed all necessary drivers? Please go to Pioneers Website and search for the Mac driver of the djm3000.

After doing so and connecting all three parts to your Mac (maybe you need an USB Hub) the software should guide you to the external mixer mode.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hey, Thanks for your quick reply!

My friends actually helped me hook up the mixer and CDJ’s and had it connected by USBs to my macbook. However I couldn’t seem to get the external mixer working together with both CDJ’s within the programme, and occationally one of the CDJ’s controlled both of the decks in Djay Pro, which must’ve been because of my settings within the programme.

This is my first time trying to hook up mixers and a deck so I’m a little confused as to how i should configure internal and external settings within Djay Pro for both of them. Could only find info for both mixer and deck separately but didn’t get it to work… Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • Hugo :slight_smile: