disabling turntable letter only shortcuts

I am finding that when I am typing in songs to search for in the library, I often hit the letters that jump the current song playing to start or end (the shortcuts). How can you disable this feature or is there a better way to search my iTunes library than typing?

Hi Eric,

There is no way to disable shortcuts. Though, this should only happen when the search text field loses focus (when you click outside the field).

Thanks for the reply. That’s too bad and a real flaw with this app I believe. It happened to me again twice last night when a crowd was in the middle of a great dance song and were stopped short because of this and it pretty much ruined my reputation on that gig.
When you are in the middle of looking up songs and going back and forth to the controls, it is too easy to make mistakes. I don’t use any of those short cut features and wish they didn’t exist.
I am now going to start looking for another DJ app. I used to think this was a great app, now I can’t afford to take the chance of using it anymore.

I agree. That happened to me last night. Love the program but that is a major flaw.

I am SHOCKED they have not come up with a disable feature for this on an update.

I agree, this is a MAJOR flaw. I had a gunshot ring out in the middle of a wedding reception last night because of some keyboard combination I must have typed when searching for a song. Also, another song ended up going back to the start. There has got to be a way to shut this stuff off. Otherwise, I’ll have to find another software to use as I can’t ever have that happen again.