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Is there a way to display Tidal playlists in Djay Pro AI in the same order as they are arranged in Tidal itself, including folders and subfolders if necessary? I can only find the choice between a few options (e.g. alphabetical, creation or modification date).
If you create playlists directly in the Djay Pro library, you can structure it well, but I find that rather cumbersome when using Tidal, as you then have to manually enter every change in a Tidal playlist there as well if you want to keep it synchronized.
Does anyone have an idea for this? How do you do that?

No folders. When I prepare playlists for a specific party I rename them to something like ‘1 - [playlist name]’, ‘2 - [playlist name]’, etc. when they’re ready and sort them alphabetically.

Not optimal, but it does the job.

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I gave up trying to organize playlists directly within Tidal, SoundCloud or Beatport because of this. I now make all of my playlists directly within the djay My Collection instead. Then if I need these playlists on another device (say my MacBook or iPhone) I simply manually copy the djay Media Library database over.

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