DJ Pro 1.2.1 with Hercules RMX2 -External Audio Sources

Hey there,

Does anyone know how I can get the eternal audio sources to work within DJ pro ?

The ‘Source’ button which should alternate between internal and external sources seems to be inactive.

Anyone had any success with this ?



Hi Lukas,

Trying to get it to work with a pair of turntables using the phono inputs.

According to Hercules the ‘source’ button should switch between internal and external sources and route it through the software.

It doesn’t work with the default setup.

Any help would be most welcome,



Hi there,

could you tell us what external autio source you want to work with?
Thank you.

Lukas E.

H there,

thank you for your reply.
I am sorry to tell you but it is not possible to connect the Turntable via the Hercules RMX2 and also with djay because the controller needs to be set to MIDI for running with our djay software.

I hope you understand.
Thank you for your post,

Lukas E.

Hi support, sorry I don’t understand your reply. I have used Mixvibes CrossDJ and it works just fine with external inputs: they are switched by midi commands…It would have been great to have this feature fixed so I can use my RMX 2 as the mixer for analog devices. Thanks for your time.