Dj Pro AI and NeuralMix Pro Standalone App

i paid the $50 for the neuralmix feature unlock on djpro ai… now if i want the stand alone neuralmix pro app… do i have to pay for that too??

Yes. They are separate apps with different purposes, although you might be able to get most of the functionality of Neural Mix Pro in djay Pro AI as well, albeit not as easily usable. (I’d also be happy if we could use Neural Mix Pro when we have a djay subscription but no dice so far)

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It would be nice to use both but oh well… no stress…thanks for the reply

Hi @djjoejoe,

This sounds like a great feature request to post about in the suggestions category.

We’d love it if you posted your suggestion over there so that others can also vote on it.

Thanks for answering @djitchyfinga by the way. We appreciate it!

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