DJ Pro Focus

Dear Algoriddim

This may be provocative, but this is not my intention. I am a dedicated DJ Pro user and wish nothing more than see this software improve.

There is a saying that goes ‘Try and please everybody and you please nobody’. I fear this is what Algoriddim are doing. They have produced exactly the same software experience on most devices and most operating systems. I know, because I have most of them and used most of them. In other words, I can do exactly the same thing, on any device. But why would I? I wouldn’t. They must be trying to cater for every single person, and therefore, while being content with DJ Pro, pretty much every forum topic is crying out for new features and fixes because we all want more. Who isn’t excited to see the App store advise of a new update, and who hasn’t been disappointed after the installation? Too much time and effort must be going into maintaining all these different platforms, and not enough time into product development and DJ experience.

With so many choices out there, the way I see it, DJ Pro only has 2 clear distinct advantages - Spotify and a tablet, and in particular the Ipad Pro (and this of course is where others will see this differently - Once you are using a laptop or Mac, you may as well use one of the ‘big 3’ - I would).

So my request is to please focus on these 2 topics alone, or you will lose out in the very competitive DJ software space. There is lots to do with Spotify, the obvious being offline, but searching and making playlists and favourites would go a long way. With regards to the Ipad Pro, lots to do too - the forums are full of suggestions and requests. Many have been around for over a year and are almost a standard expectation now.

Own these 2 areas and focus on maturing them fast! If not, I fear you will not last, and that is in nobodies interest.

To those out there on a Mac or an Android or other combo, who may be thinking they’d prefer to see the focus on that platform, this works for me too. Then I will happily move on. I’d rather not spend months and months waiting for something that isn’t going to arrive.

Am keen to know what you think?

Well concieved and stated. About a year ago I started out as you have here. With reasonably civil requests. Unfortunately I received no suggestions or solutions from our friends at Algoriddim. In fact, after recently sharing my experience with the platform, I was told by the form’s manager that I needed to be mindful of my actions.
Yes, I was trashing them but for good reason. THEY DON’T COMMUNCATE WITH THEIR USERS. Very little action on this form because people know that very little results from their posts or requests.
People are asked to send log files and then the problem is swept under the rug. I can’t go on here and learn about solutions. Communication is sorely lacking. Don’t get me wrong, I love the platform but I can’t stand how this company deals with bugs. I don’t know about you but I can’t use a product in public that crashes on a consistent basis and leaves me with egg on my face.
It’s a great plan B if one of the three we all use professionally has a digital hiccup. Although I’ve personally never experienced that.
I’m suprised to see all the folks who are using it as their main platform based on the stability issues surrounding it.
We do use it for the occasional request that we don’t have on a local drive.
Lots of potential for this product or another one that responds to the market. Honestly don’t think that you’ll ever see the ability to go off-line with Spotify and this platform. It’s two technically challenging in my opinion.

Lukas, thanks for extending the olive branch. I’ll be happy to restart our relationship and am glad to hear that communications have improved. Your outreach here is proof of that. All my best…

Hey Owen Blevins,

I checked your history user history and without a doubt your experience with the support of this community is bad.
Please be assured that since I am truly devoted to this forum and I am trying to help wherever I can I hope that the communication and reply time since the last time you opened a thread and now improved.

Regarding the last time I told you to stay within the djay universe, this was only for keeping a structured and helpful take on the community.

At this point I can only apologise and ask for a restart. If you are interested it would be great if you can share your personal experience with djay and the crashes you had to deal with, I am sure we can help.

Lukas E.

Hey SLT01,

thank you for your feedback, we are always glad to get some insights in the view on us by our users.
I understand that due to the similarities in our applications and softwares you feel like we are missing focus and I will definitely bring your feedback in at the next occasional meeting with other algoriddim employees.

But please understand that we will also focus on other platforms and features besides the djay Pro version especially for the iPad Pro. These features and platforms will reach you soon and hopefully strengthen your view on other applications besides the iPad Pro version and our take on the Spotify implementation.

@You two, believe it or not, especially the critical views on our products are very helpful, so it would be great to get further feedback from you two about what the future will bring :slight_smile:

Lukas E.

Hey Owen,

good to hear that, doing my best :) 
If there is someone you want to know or anything were I can help you, let me know.

Cheers,Lukas E.