DJ Pro going silent for 4-6 seconds

For the last few months my DJ Pro (version 1.2.1) has been going silent for 4-6 seconds EVERY gig, about 3-4 hours in. the track keeps going, but no sound. I have swapped out my wires, speakers and Apple just replaced my logic board … and it just happened again. I cannot afford this happening … anyone else having this issue?


Thanks for the response. I only use DJ Pro with iTunes.


Answers …
I wasn’t even touching my computer any of the times the sound stopped.
I use a lot of pre-mixed music that will play for 10-20 minutes … when this happened after a few times, I swapped out the wire and the speaker. When it happened a few more times, I bought my MacBook into Apple and they replaced the logic board … then it happened again.
I use AutoMix at times over cocktail hour or dinner, however, all occasions the sound stopped, was during dance time and I was not using auto mix nor doing anything else on the computer.

Hi Cape Tunes,

our apologies for this. Could you tell us a bot more about your mixing routine, are you playing with Spotify?


Lukas E.

Hi there, 

thank you for the follow up.

Would be great if you answer these questions:

Can you remember actions you did which might could cause the silence?
Can you remember what you did just before these dropouts?
Did you use the Automix while these dropouts happened?

Thank you in advance.


Lukas E.

Hi ehoa warewhare,

thank you for your feedback. Please note that there is an update on its way, we are working constantly on improving the performance of our software.

Also if you are experiencing those dropouts, please check these steps in order to optimise your performance.

  1. Keep your OS X and djay Pro updated.
  2. Check if your controller is running with the latest firmware.
  3. If your Mac is using a non-SD hard drive, disable the Sudden Motion Sensor
  • Double-click on the Macintosh HD icon on your desktop (this would be your system drive if you have renamed it to something else).

  • Go to the Applications folder.

  • Go to the Utilities folder.

  • Double-click on Terminal.

  • Type sudo pmset -a sms 0 and press Return (typing in ’0′ disables it).

  • Enter your administrator when prompted.

  • Type sudo pmset -g to verify that this has been applied. To re-enable Sudden Motion Sensor:

  • Go back to Terminal following the above steps.

  • Type sudo pmset -a sms 1 and press Return (typing in ’1′ re-enables it).

  • Enter your administrator when prompted.

  • Type sudo pmset -g to verify that this has been applied.

  1. If you connect an external hard drive right before mixing, please wait till the Spotlight indexing is being finished
  2. Check your USB cable or try with another cable.
  3. Make sure your USB cable is connected to the “good” USB port, see

Lukas E.

Hi Lukas, I’ve replied about similar problems in other threads.

Is there a update pending for Djay Pro? And if so, is the high CPU load one of the items to be addressed?

This could be the common factor with all these issues. Most people have glitch, skipping and pausing issues when program has been running longer than 3 hours.

A number of people have mentioned fan speeds and CPU loads being higher than usual when app is running in background and no tracks are playing. Usage is even higher when in use and especially when view is full screen or wave view.

Would be much appreciated if the devs could address the CPU loads first and maybe these other issues would be fixed in the process.

Thanks in adv.