Dj Pro iOS & iCloud random issues

From time to time, i experience that DjPro can’t find my music, which is stored in iCloud, and where i share my music from. I seems like it looses connection randomly, spite that there’s is full Wi-Fi or 4G connection ?
And when the connection is back, and DjPro see the music once again, I need to create new playlist, where i drag my music too, and from there everything works again, both music, cue points etc.

I haven’t tried playing a gig with this setup yet, but my plan is to do this after this Covid-19 situation.
I just updated to Vers. 3.6, so maybe this problem is already solved, but my scariest scenario is to attend a gig, hook up my controller with my Ipad using Djpro, get ready to play, and then BUM, no connection to iCloud, and DJ Pro won’t find any of my prepared tunes.

How can I prevent this from happening ?

I tried just for fun to enabled flight mode, and at the same time switch off Wi-Fi, but i could still play music from my iCloud library ? I didn’t throught that was possible.
Is the music i download from iCloud stored locally on the Ipad ?

Regards from Flint.

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