Is it working OK ??

can anyone confirm???

Or is it lagging same as DJAY 2 ?

Seems to work ok on mine.

Yes i have got Djay 2, latest build.
Pro runs smoother for now.

Hi There,

These lag and glitch issues are only happening in djay2, but be assured that we’re already working on a new update which will be available as soon as we can!
You shouldn’t have any of these problems with djay Pro for iOS.
We’re very sorry for the inconvenience and kindly ask for patience in the meantime!

Best Regards,

do u also have djay2 and u know what kind of problems im talking about? the problems that u can see on forum? the grid lines are smooth and not laggy? the beatmatching works fine n smooth?

please respond, tnx

tnx for the comment, but first they need to fix djay2 then I will consider myself buying PRO version. Maybe that is their intention and that lag was planned for older version…meehhh :confused:

does djay pro run smooth on ipad mini 2?