DJ Pro split output/Pre-cuing not working in Windows 11

I installed DJPro for windows, when I had Windows 10 on my laptop. Working perfectly.
Now I’ve upgraded to Windows 11, and split output or precuing is not working.
Tried to reinstall, but same problem. Installed it also on a different laptop running Windows 10. Working.

As I see it, there is an update nessecary for DJPRO, solving this issue.

Hi @Kjolsund,

This is a very strange issue to be had.

Are you currently using a specific controller or sound card with djay that may be affecting the apps performance?

Directly from my laptop. I use the splitter you are recommend as well.
As I said. It works on Ipad, it works on Windows 10, it’s not working at windows 11.

Very interesting…

I’ve gone ahead and passed this thread along to our dev team so they can test this issue and look for a possible solution.

I will update this thread as soon as I hear anything back from them!