DJay 2 Crashed

So I played my first live show last night using the iDJ Pro and DJay 2, and encountered a few problems.

First off, is there a way to re-analyze songs? I replaced some low-quality songs in my library, but during the show they wouldn’t load, and stuttered the sound.

Shortly after atempting, DJay just shut down on me mid song. Seriously DJay 1 was so solid and then DJay 2 is frail and unreliable.

If you don’t fix the BPM analysis soon you should simply update DJay 1 to have some of the features of 2, notably the album art next to every song the super handy Queue playlist system. Because right now I cannot use your product. It’s too damn unreliable. Which makes it worthless, when it could be absolutely phenomenal.

How do I access crash logs?

Also, right before it crashed I was trying to unsuccessfully load the songs I had replaced as I outlined above


Sorry to hear that. Can you please send the crash logs to Do you recall what you were doing right before the app crashed?

Please kindly send your crash reports to so we can take a look.

Here’s how you can locate your crash logs:…

Please send an email to our support team (email address above).

Used Djay 2 last night at a party and it crashed mid gig - nothing obvious showed on screen just all sound stopped mid track. And I had to exit app. When I restarted it kindly told me it had failed and if I wanted to send details to support. As I was under a little bit of pressure at the time I selected 'no, and it restarted fine and didn’t crash again. I reckon it was to do with the queue/preview functionality as I was using this extensively for the first time. Btw this functionality is really useful and works well normally. Is there away to find the crash logs?

My dj2 app suddenly crashed this morning when I tried to open it. No matter what I do it just keeps on crashing. I don’t want to delete the app beacause I have a lot of my sound effects stored there. I don’t want to start all over again. Would somebody help me ? Please please please … Just email me at thanks I would appreciate it.

I’m having the same problem. It keeps happening. Seems to be the queing / preview function for me too. I send the reports each time. Don’t know how to send them retrospectively - but if you let me know you can have them all. I’d love to see this fixed - it’s a great app - but far too unstable for my use of it - looks like I’m gonna have to find some thing else!

i just got the app and within like 5 minutes it crashed on me. i was trying to load a cure song and it just stopped and i sent them my crash log. i just went ahead and deleted the cure songs for now, maybe one of them was the culprit. anyway, never had any problems with djay1!!! five minutes and it crashes? is that normal?

oh and i use an iPad too.