djay 2 for the iPad with support for the Numark Mixtrack pro 2

Come on guys, this must be easily possible for your techno bods to do.

Next update yeah? :slight_smile:

Thanks for your support. :slight_smile:

Not necessarily, sorry. :smiley:

Does that mean it’s going to happen?

Please, please, please!!!

That would be a real shame as you support other Numark devices, even the budget iDJ Live II.

Put it this way. If you allowed support for this device with Djay 2 but I had to buy a cable and USB hub from you for £20-£30 quid, I would do it.

Please put some good, serious thought into this.
Many thanks.



Ok, you need to buy a mains powered USB hub, a official apple camera connection kit and install this file into iTunes.…

Place this file into your ipad, once connected to your pc, in the app section under the file sharing area for djay2.

It works for me. Once the USB hub is powered up and the mixer is connected to it, start djay2 on the iPad and then connect it to the hub. You should see the Numark logo appear on the screen and away you go.

Have fun. I did. :slight_smile:

Yes. I have it all connected as above and it works great!


Sorry, just reread your post. I have the Mixtrack pro II. Not the original Mixtrack.

Why won’t you support Mixtrack Pro II fro iPad version?
Not all of us can afford to buy a new mixer!

Does this also work with the NUMARK Mixtrack II?