Djay 2, IDJ Pro and iOS 10 (iPad)

Just wondering, has anyone had any issues with DJay2 running on iOS 10 on an iDJ Pro? I use my iPad and IDJ Pro almost weekly on gigs and wondering if the upgrade is safe to do or should I wait a few months to update my iPad Air?


@dominick, thanks for the reply. Guess I’ll do like I normally do and hold off for about 3 or 4 months until DJay2 is proven stable with any new update in iOS.

Lukas -

Thanks for the response. If all is good and there are no issues with iOS 10 and my Numark IDJ Pro, I might as well go for it. :slight_smile: THANKS

Hi Dan,

we fixed an issue with the djay 2 version at the iDJ Pro. Now everything should be fine.

@Dominik this issue is going to be fixed by Reloop. We informed them about the issue and the controllers will need a firmware update to stop disconnecting. 

Lukas E.


I did test with WEGO2 after update to ios10 with Djay2 en Djay pro
no problem
With the RELOOP BEATPAD2 I had problems with the connection after 3-5 minutes.
after trying and restarting both devices (30 min long) it worked for the whole night
in the next weekend I 'll do test with BEATPAD 1 (and hope it will work)

Hi, yes there się problem that after minute iPad dissconet Beatpad. Don’t recommend update to ios10 now. Hope it helps.