Djay 2 in app purchases

Hi I’m new to djay 2 and I wanted to know if I buy in app purchases on snap 2 for iPhone does it keep the in app purchases for djay2 on iPad?

This is for Djay 2 not Pro. Simply log onto Apple store using the same APple ID you purchased with and install.

Are you certain you are signed into apple ID account?

Hey there,

you only have to do one in app purchase using djay for iOS/macOS linked to your iCloud.
Using the “Restore Purchases” tab will get you the purchase on every other application.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Thank you!


As u can see in attached file I bought DJAY years ago and I want to get my pro access back.
Pls, send the restore code or something.



SORRY PAL, it doesnt get right cause if I gonna download DJAY2 PRO I gonna pay for it AGAIN (see attached file)
I had downloaded the DJAY LE, so how can “transform” this LE to PRO without pay AGAIN for this product???

YES, See attached and try to solve this mystery