Djay 2 + iOS8 + Numark IDJ Pro: is it buggy at this point?

As I have posted before, I have been reluctant to update my iPad 3’s iOS to iOS8 for use with Djay or Djay2 on my Numark IDJ Pro because I can’t afford to have it crash on me (I am a professional). In fact, I am still using Djay (not Djay2) on iOS6 with my IDJ Pro because 1) it is really stable and 2) I think Djay’s beat matching algorhythm works better in Djay than Djay2.

However, I am kind of feeling forced to upgrade my iPad3 to iOS8 because all of my other apps on the device are requiring iOS8 these days.

Warren and all, my questions for you:

  1. are there any known bugs for Djay2 + iPad3 + iOS8 + IDJ Pro? If yes, what are they? Related to this, is anyone finding that the sync beat matching algorhythm is still sometimes off?

  2. Warren will Djay (not Djay2) still run on iPad3 + iOS8 + IDJ Pro without bugs? I do not want to upgrade to iOS8 only to find that the first Djay is not supported.

  3. When using Djay2 + iPad3 + iOS8 + IDJ Pro, is there a way to make pressing the sync button on IDJ Pro work the way it worked with the first Djay? In other words, pressing it as many times as you want makes 1) the beat sync and 2) the sync button light up? I am always changing my BPM in mid track and i HATE the fact that the sync button on the IDJ Pro + Djay2 changed so that you click once to sync (but it does not light up) and if you press it again it auto starts the sync’d track. Can this be disabled so that it is like Djay one?

  4. Is there another IDJ Pro controller from Numark (ie IDJ Pro 2) coming out? Or can someone recommend to me another similar professional controller that integrates well with an iPad 3 running iOS8? I may not want to risk doing this iOS8 upgrade unless I am confident there isna controller out there that is comparable. To be clear, I am NOT looking for a controller to use with my Mac or Djay Pro. The whole point of getting OFF of Serato and onto Djay + IDJ Pro was to simplify the hardware needs / get rid of having to lug around my Macbook.

Gee Breezy