DJAY 2 sampler doesn't play!!! in my Pioneer DDJ-SX2!!! Help!!!

Buttons light up. Volume is up. No sound. What the flower???

Does Djay2 work with the big pioneer controllers?
How do you connect it? Lightning to USB? And how do you charge youre ipad then?
I had no idea.

Hi there,

at the moment the Pioneer DDJ-SX 2 is not supported for the iPad, sorry for that.

Are you referring to djay 2 for Mac, that would be great to know. Thank you!

Best Regards,
Lukas E.

Sorry but the SX2 is still not supported for iOS as we only supported native iOS controllers.

Lukas E.

There are news about this question??? DDJ-SX2 is still not supported for the ipad???